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HLP Alumni Activities

Engaging our local Hopi & Tewa leaders!



WED. JULY 31ST - 6:00AM



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HLP Alumni Social
August 15, 2019


We are excited to host our Alumni and are anticipating you and your guest’s presence. Do not miss out on this spectacular evening! As this is a catered event, please RSVP by calling our office at 928-734-2380 or emailing xavier.sakeva@hopifoundation.org on or before August 13, 2019. You may indicate the name of your guest at this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at The Hopi Foundation during regular business hours. Thank You.



The aim of the evening is to establish a reconnection within the Hopi Leadership Alumni and to provide motivation while encouraging self-care and self-worth. Our theme for this event is “You Got to Nourish to Flourish”. The HLP team is prepared to provide you with an uplifting and inspiring evening with Special Guest, James Junes of James and Ernie, Shawn Namoki. Sr from the Hopi Substance Abuse Prevention Center, Eugene Cody from the Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative, and more! Dinner will be provided along with other special beverages and hors d’oeuvres (appetizers) inspired by an Italian flare.


HLP Alumni Committee

Committed to Sustaining Alumni Connection and Activity in the Hopi & Tewa Community

Larson Goldtooth

Tobacco Clan - Tewa Village

Lisa Lomavaya

Spider/Stick Clan - Tewa Village

Janalda Nash

Flute Clan - Walpi Village

Laurel Sekakuku

Sun Clan - Kykotsmovi Village

Loretta Goldtooth

Tobacco Clan - Moencopi Village

Beatrice Norton

Corn Clan - Oraivi Village


Alumni Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The Committee members serve in an advisory capacity by attending quarterly meetings and participating in two outreach/fundraising activities each year. The membership may be comprised of 5-10 members with a 2-year term of commitment.  
Active participation is required in supporting as a committee member through the following ways:

  • Attending committee orientation and quarterly meeting during the annual year. More than two (2) missed unexcused meetings will mean voluntary resignation from committee.

  • Provide insights/experience in culture, traditional knowledge, and use of Hopi Language.

  • Assist with two community outreach/fundraising activities a year.

  • Assist with Hopi Leadership Program related activities (i.e. cohort banquet, graduation).

  • Advocate and promote the program’s services with all partners (local, external).

  • Be a voice for the community, provide professional insight, and input about community needs that is in alignment with mission to guide work.

  • Help garner volunteers and in-kind donations throughout the year. 

The committee should reasonably reflect the diverse needs and interests of the community. Desired qualities of members include practicing open-mindedness, supporting the mission of The Hopi Foundation and HLP, and willingness to support in a variety of roles during the term. 


Hopi Leadership Program

here have been approximately 58 Hopi & Tewa individuals who have successfully completed the Hopi Leadership Program. Each have completed the 15-month program that gave them the tools to succeed in their career fields and actively participate within their communities/villages.

2006-2007 HLP Alumni

"Ensuring Hopi cultural values intertwine in leadership in my community and at the office."


2012-2013 HLP Alumni

Demonstrating that skills and models used in the program are carried into various career fields.