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Hopi Youth Leadership
Program (HYLP)

Registration is available until January 17, 2020

The Hopi Foundation built on its prior work of the existing Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative (HOYI) to plan the next generation of Hopi/Tewa youth. 

The Hopi Youth Leadership Program is:

  • Designed as an expansion to the existing Adult Leadership Program to support the growth and development of a new generation of Hopi/Tewa leaders.

  • Developed as a youth leadership curriculum with specific skills and practices that enable healthy, successful, and self-sufficient lives for youth and be culturally appropriate for youth age groups.

  • A curriculum that has developed a framework for personal development among youth.

  • A curriculum that supports pathway development in areas of Cultural Well-Being, Mentoring, and Service Learning.

  • A curriculum that supports youth-led data collection and community education.


Hopi Youth Leadership Program

Nurturing and Developing the Next Generation of Hopi & Tewa Leaders.

A project inspired by the ground work of the Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative

Guided from the voices of our
youth and community.

The HYLP curriculum has a developed framework centered on the three Pathways of Opportunity:
1. Cultural Well-Being
2. Mentoring
3. Service Learning

HYLP Conceptual Framework

Vision. Creation. Design. Development.

This framework has allowed for efficient creation of content, that follows the specific guidance of the HYLP development team and the Pathways of Opportunities, as developed by H.O.Y.I. through extensive community stakeholder gatherings.

About HYLP

Pilot in Progress


We as Hopi face a unique set of challenges when attempting to develop successful professional lives that balance the requirements of the outside world and the needs of our Hopi way of life. Our culture places great value on family cohesion, work ethic, respect, self-reliance, stability, generosity, and valuing and honoring the needs of the entire community reflective of a historically subsistence culture. Yet, changes to our community over the past three generations have diminished these values as well as the traditional mechanisms that supported the training and development of new and rising Hopi leaders.


The Hopi Foundation would like to build on its prior work of the existing Hopi Leadership Program and the Hopi Opportunity Youth Initiative (HOYI) to begin to provide the next generation of youth with a Hopi Leadership and Mentoring Program in our Hopi schools and community.


The HYLP is a project inspired by the ground work of the Hopi Opportunity Youth initiative. The vision of this curriculum has contribution from the stakeholders of our community and more importantly the guiding voices of our Hopi Youth. The Pathways of Opportunities, which have been found to authentically create success for our Hopi youth, has been directly included into the HYLP framework.

There are 3 sections that reflect each Pathway of Opportunity: (1) Cultural Well-being, (2) Mentoring, and (3) Service Learning. Each section has four (4) lessons that facilitate dialog, project-based, and experiential learning; with a total of twelve (12) lessons. Most lessons have a duration time of 2-hours longs, apart from a village tour that would be outside of the classroom and be 3-4 hours long.


We aim to have students attending Hopi Junior Senior High School (9th to 11th grade) and with an age ranging from 14-17 years of age. A target number of 10 minimum/15 maximum students per cohort located within the school or in the community. The participants of the pilot would be based on the student’s application, response to essay questions, and to prompts two recommendations.